To order home testing kits your PA should go to

When asked why you want to order a test there is an option to say ‘I am a PA in England.’ Please note each PA should order 4 tests. To do this they need to select ‘add another person’ but then add the same details (this is step 23). They will need to do this 3 times. This will provide them with 4 tests which should be taken on the same day each week for 4 weeks.

Please note when asked occupation they should select ‘Care worker or home care worker’. Once ordered they will receive 4 confirmation emails from .

They should then follow the instructions on the tests when received.  If you have multiple PAs each PA should place their own individual order. After the 4 tests have been taken a new order can be placed for a further 4 tests.  Any queries with the process the PA should call 119.

Further instructions can be found at